Tony Garland


Phone: 313-247-3453
Mr. Garland is a documented professional Life Health and Disability Insurance Consultant. For over 20 years he’s specialized in group insurance plans for Municipalities and Association both profit and non-profit. Tony has assisted in building Membership Groups that have exceeded 20,000 within 18 months.

In addition, he is known as a TEAM Player and has demonstrated his commitment to the Guiding Principles and Core Values of FBCI. He has been an interictal part of the FBCI Social Entrepreneurial Development Program and serves as a Director and Lead Insurance Agent of Recode charged with the developing Affiliate Partners and Preparing FBCI Directors as Solution Providers. Tony, believes in our commitment to educating the underserved communities on the Importance of establishing their personal “LifeLegacy” with our commitment to providing Guaranteed Life Insurance for less than $1 a day.

He is dedicated to his serves on the FBCI Advisory Board and is actively involved in the South East Michigan Community as well as Atlanta, Chicago, Delaware and Huston.

Mr. Garland believes the education level and literacy calibration of the community is the measurement of the Intellectual Property owned by the people who are directed by the Leadership we support.

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