Joanie Tringale

Executive – Chief Solutions Director

Phone: 2482279394
Joanie Tringale is a successful businesswoman, wife, mother and grandmother who has a heart of gold and the desire to help the world around her.  She has always given her time and energy to causes that touched her heart.  During her work with Gratitude Training, she organized a fundraiser and party for homeless youths from Covenant House of Detroit. This was an event that raised a lot of money and is still being talked about today.

Recently she was made aware of another serious problem in the faith-based community.  She discovered that there were many families who could not afford the rising costs of funerals and burials. So, doing what she does best, Joanie set out to solve the problem. She is now an Executive Director of the Faith Based Cause Initiative (FBCI).

A born entrepreneur, Joanie has owned a multitude of businesses ranging from the former family-owned Novi Expo Center to restaurants (as a master chef).  She has been a dynamic event planner and her contacts worldwide make her one of the most powerful networkers around.  She has an amazing track record working with start-up companies and knows how to both raise and make money. Her talents have helped many people achieve both financial as well as personal growth and success.

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