Calvin Dillard

Executive  – Chief Solutions Director

Phone: 425-458-2775
Calvin L. Dillard, Jr. holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Mount Union College and a Masters from Memphis State University.

Calvin L. Dillard, Jr. has served as Public Relations Director of At Promise Academic Mentoring. His Initiatives team focus on Economic Development of Religious and Spiritual Training and to educate and train faith-based message to our group which would assist them in spreading the word of the gospel.

Calvin has over fifteen years of experience in Marketing and Sales, which began in 1975. He has developed and assisted in training in this industry. He’s always been positioned to have an appreciated ear to the individuals that was looking for a better deal and also to respect the companies he’s been associated with.

As an entrepreneur Calvin L. Dillard, Jr. with his traditional business background became the co-founder and Vice President of Absolute Outreach Solutions, a Washington State Religious Non-Profit Company. In this position, he helped to start the call to individuals to get their state & federal taxes current.

As an employee for an Aero Space company in Auburn, Washington his task was to reach the sales goal of forty million dollars. He exceeded this amount by five million dollars for a total of forty-five million dollars. Taking his Department forward and getting special attention from Management and the CEO of that company. He has taken that leadership to the above companies and have moved them forward.

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