Lynn LaFrenais


Phone: 425-458-2775
Lynn M. LaFrenais is a partner in Absolute Outreach Solutions, LLC, where she has devoted 90 percent of her practice to assist individuals that have needed extensive experience in unusual and innovative financing for succeeding in ending your IRS debt. That have unusual IRS revenue backed issues; Her recent activities include educating via the internet, working with individuals regarding the Pro’s and Con’s of the Washington Religious Non Profits (508).

Lynn’s primary duties as a Entertainment Executor Contract Manager was for the largest hamburger chain for 17 years, and working along side J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency, was to obtain signatures for multi million dollar contracts. With these duties it included traveling from Los Angeles, Ca. , New York, Chicago, Ill, Maple Grove, MN., Bellevue, Washington, San Francisco, Ca., Denver, Co., Las Vegas, Nevada, to Atlanta, Ga. Also, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherland.

B.A., Music – Business, University of Southern California 1972.

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